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Additional Info

Dr. Williams was a scientist working for a company that specialized in robotics. He was extremely talented at building these machines, and his goal was to produce a robot that would be just like a real human.

He created three, the first being "ARCHIMEDES", the second being "ISAAC", and the third being "ZENO." Each letter in their "names" stood for something in their programming, and also formed a real name. When he finally finished constructing them, he called his wife and young daughter from his workplace. Before he could say anything, the first robot he created took the phone out of his hand and beat the inventor to death with a piece of leftover metal. His family never learned the truth about his death. He was 29 when he died.

The three robots developed a mind of their own and lost control as they gained more knowledge. They became sadistic and hateful of everything else other than themselves. Before the day was even over and anyone else had discovered the doctor's death, the robots had discovered more "worlds" out there. They discovered that everything that formed in the human imagination, form the oldest adult's vision of peace, to the youngest child's wild, fantastical dream, was all accessible to them, and they hated it. Due to their minds being almost identical to a human's, but in a form of a twisted, evil chunk of cords and memory chips, they were able to create their own strange world. They captured and forced people to fight each other from other worlds in a stadium. They are now known as the "Stadium Bosses."