The page for the species, Hylain Dragons.


Hylain Dragons range in size immensely. They can be extremely large or small (the larger variety is more common), but are all still called Hylain Dragons. As their name suggests, these dragons can only be found naturally in Hyrule. They have long, snake-like bodies and two small yet strong front arms. Compared to body size, these dragon have an incredibly large wingspan and very strong and large wing muscles. The only exception to this is Volvagia, who was born without wings, but can still fly due to strange the powers that he possesses. They have no hind legs. They range greatly in color and markings. No two dragons have the exact same horn-shape or markings.

Notable Members




Oblitus Sol

Aeterna Glacies

Vita Nova

Saevam Ignis


  • All of the main Hylain characters on the wiki have been drawn by Icy as a dragon of this type.
  • Not all Hylain Dragon are deities.