Ilia is a character from the Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess. She has short, dark blonde hair and green eyes. She is Link's childhood friend.

Additional Info

Ilia is never seen in the RP until recently. She was best friends with Link when they were growing up in the Ordon Village. She has a major crush on Link, but tries to hide it. She loves nature and all animals. Link saved her from twilight monsters when he still lived in Hyrule. She is very headstrong and punches really hard. She was heart-broken when Link left suddenly without saying goodbye to her.

After Link's battle with Dark Link, she runs into the stadium suddenly and chews Link out. She is very happy to see him again, though, and they talk for a long time.

When Dark Link attacks again, she is the one who drives him off using Link's bow and sword.

She is later seen with Link watching the snow fall. When Roy and Ludwig attack, she kills several Primids with her dagger.

She was hurt by Oni Link when Link was wearing the Fierce Deity's mask. She wasn't mad at him because it wasn't his fault, but Link felt awful for hurting her. She has not made another major appearence in the RP since.

In the game of death, she was killed and betrayed by Sheik. She is now back living in the Ordon Village.



Icy's Artwork

Dragon Drawing2

Ilia as a dragon