Sora is a 18-year-old woman with ink black hair, pointed ears, and red eyes. She normally wears a blue and white dress and has her long hair in a ponytail. She is a Sheikah.

Additional Info

Sora grew up in Kakariko Village, the same as Sheik. She felt pity for him growing up, and she would often try to talk to him when her parents weren't looking. He could never respond back, and she never found out why. When Sheik moved out of the village, she was both happy and sad at the same time.

Sora entered the stadium one day screaming "I'll save you!" Referring to Sheik. She wields a short sword and many other blades.

She is seen talking to Sheik later on in the RP.

During the Game of Death, she helps Sheik fight Ike. She is pinned down by him, and Sheik surrenders and lets Ike escape to save her life. She was later killed by Whirlwind.

She hears of what Sheik did, but takes much longer to forgive him than the others, whom She leaves to Hyrule with.